Openings with Matrix PreciseWanted: Talented and Ambitious IT Professionals Matrix Precise has gained a loyal clientele by providing our clients with consultants who possess valuable technology skills and experience.  But we have also cultivated a superb reputation through personnel whose professionalism and work ethic are exemplary. We look for consultants who are deadline-driven and quality-focused, who ask questions if they don’t understand something fully, and who are eager to problem-solve and anticipate issues or roadblocks.  We are team-oriented by nature.  And we’re focused on getting the job done right, on time, and with the quality and professionalism that lead to future commendations and referrals. We suggest that you regularly check out the opportunities posted on this page.  Our business is very dynamic and new projects are beginning all the time. If you don’t see something that exactly fits your skills and experience, don’t let that stop you. Contact us and let’s talk about how you might join a Matrix Precise project, either soon or in the future. A world of opportunity awaits you. It’s an exciting time to working in IT!

Current Openings: