Whether our clients ask us to help evaluate a vendor’s products, scope out new development effort, manage a project, or provide technical resources for specific needs, Matrix Precise provides an array of services.

Programs and ProjectsOur program and project management consultants are seasoned professionals who have led IT and business teams in major corporations and are versed in the latest methodologies.
Consultants who specialize in software development possess the latest technology skills spanning mobile, web technology, client-server, as well as mainframe.
Testing ServicesWe also offer testing and validation services that ensure applications work as designed and are stress tested to scale as needed. Our infrastructure services consultants work on network, server, and storage infrastructure projects for our clients, and have experience in the most up-to-date solutions such as virtualization and cloud computing.
Policies and Process 

Consultants are also available to take on projects involving policies, processes, and contracts, where experience can be applied to key strategic decisions that can impact an organization’s efficiency and vendor relationships.