Computer Vision

Computer vision, machine learning, evolutionary algorithms, IoT and more with precision for business operations.

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Evolutionary Algorithm

Be it chip design, logistical problem or predictive analytics, from Consumer Segmentation to Medical Diagnostics our Evolutionary Algorithm solutions cover it all.

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Machine Learning

Purposeful or random, the secret is in how we make machines learn. Be it Decision Tree Learning or Artificial Neural Network Learning, our expertise in Machine Learning will make your applications more smart, compact and efficient.

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Internet of Things

We live in amazing times where any object you could think of is connected to the internet. By 2020 IoT will consist of 50 billion objects using 1 trillion sensors. Sensors embedded in machines and equipment feed critical data to one another and make them super smart. Through our expertise in IoT we will make automation a seamless implementation.

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Architectural complexity. Evolving options. Continuous changes... Corporate computing environments are facing these and other challenges every day as they seek to deliver cost-effective services that meet pressing needs while ensuring a return on investment. Matrix Precise provides technology-enabled business solutions that address today's rapidly-changing, competitive landscape. Our services leverage extensive business domain and technology expertise to ensure that the solutions we ultimately deliver are based on real-world best practices


Wanted: Talented and Ambitious IT Professionals Matrix Precise has gained a loyal clientele by providing our clients with consultants who possess valuable technology skills and experience. But we have also cultivated a superb reputation through personnel whose professionalism and work ethic are exemplary. We look for consultants who are deadline-driven and quality-focused, who ask questions if they don't understand something fully, and who are eager to problem-solve and anticipate issues or roadblocks. We are team-oriented by nature. And we're focused on getting the job done right, on time, and with the quality and professionalism that lead to future commendations and referrals. We suggest that you regularly check out the opportunities posted on this page. Our business is very dynamic and new projects are beginning all the time. If you don't see something that exactly fits your skills and experience, don't let that stop you. Contact us and let's talk about how you might join a Matrix Precise project, either soon or in the future. A world of opportunity awaits you. It's an exciting time to working in IT!


Matrix Precise is a Technology Development, Consulting and R&D company headquartered in Los Altos, California. We provide customer solutions in the areas of Facial Recognition, Smart Retail, Handwriting Recognition and Smart Robots. Our capabilities reach into the domains of Security, Logistics, Retail, Health Care, Life Science, Pharmaceutical, Finance and Banking. Our in-house R&D team conducts research in Computer Science, Mathematics and Computational Genomics to advance solutions in Computer Vision, Evolutionary Algorithm, Machine Learning, and Internet of Things.nnOur client services also entail a wide range of solutions from web and mobile application development, infrastructure support, application support, production support to testing services.